Snowmobile safari with the powerful Lynx RE snowmobile that gives you great experience with power and speed!

Snowmobile safari with powerful snowmobiles that gives you the chance to feel the speed and acceleration with snowmobile. You will get your own snowmobile for this excursion and start from the easy terrain in the ice fields and carry on to the forest tracks, where can be some soft snow. You need to handle the power of the engine and enjoy the surfing in soft snow. On the way you will have some coffee break but the main thing is to drive

Route is always planned with the customers and the distance depends on the route.

You don´t want to miss this experience.

Max 6 persons. Valid: 4.1. – 11.4.2021


360 €

Minimum 2 people or more

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Weekly program - Dec 2019 - Apr 2020

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