Safari from Kemi to Rovaniemi
We start the morning getting dressed with warm clothings at Safari House of Sea Lapland Safaris. Before the snowmobile safari the guide will give us the driving instructions. We start the safari driving on the frozen sea towards Rovaniemi, and on the way we´ll drive on the frozen river Kemijoki, that is the longest river in the whole Finland. We will enter the snowy and white forest with snowmobiles and also learn how to manage with driving in the soft snow. First day is more of learning how to handle a snowmobile and to learn your own limits. On the way to Rovaniemi we will have at least two longer stops, when we´ll enjoy some nice snacks made from local ingredients like sandwiches with salmon and smoked reindeer meat. We also make an open fire on one stop and barbecue some sausages and have coffee and Finnish bun. To make sure that we have enough energy for the day in the forest we also have some fruits and chocolate bars and soft drinks. In the evening we end the safari right next to our accommodation and have a nice sauna and dinner together. It is good time to rest and relax before the next day. Duration 8 hours.


Safari from Rovaniemi to Luosto
In the morning we´ll prepare ourselves to another day with driving and we have nice and good breakfast. We´ll start the safari and make the first stop in the Arctic Circle in Rovaniemi. There we have chance to see some local made souvenirs and see the area of Santas post office with the shops. After the stop we will carry on to the famous northern light route in the snow covered forest. We drive the day on the marked route that is in good condition. We look for a place to have again nice northern style of snack during the day and keep our energy in high point all day long. There is lot of time to have breaks and take some pictures and enjoy the silence in the forest. In the late afternoon again we enter the skiing center called Luosto where we are going to stay overnight and spend some nice relaxing time before the last day on the snowmobiles. Duration 8 hours.


Safari from Luosto to Levi
Last safari day begins with breakfast and then after packing all the things with us we´ll start the hardest and the longest safari day. Now we have already learned how to drive and we have a possibility to drive faster and keep good speed on the way at the forest. On the way we will make many stops for the pictures and small snacks and keep up moving to more north of Finland. Our destination is Finlands biggest skiing resort and on the way there is lot wilderness to see. If we get really lucky then we can be able to see some real animals in the wild and we have good chance to see tracks of different animals. Route is long and hard but worth every kilometer. In the evening we will enter the destination and then it will be good time to celebrate a little bit about making the whole trip together. To enjoy nice dinner and think of all the things that has happened in the last few days. Maybe even to take part to the night life of the skiing center all together. Duration 9 hours.

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