Sailing to saw mill island Laitakari

On request

Starting from Kemi´s charming Inner Harbor the venerable M/S Leila offers a sailing off the coast of Sea Lapland to the nearer archipelago and to the historical saw mill island LAITAKARI, a small paradise combining remains of times gone by and an unspoiled, diverse natural environment.

Once at Laitakari, your tour continues on foot (total walking distance of 1,1km), on a well maintained but unpaved path. Your tour guide has information at the ready about the island’s history as well as the remains you’ll come across. After roughly 45 mins you will reach one of the island’s campfire places, offering views out into the archipelago and onto the Baltic Sea. Here we’ll invite you to some coffee, tea and pastry, or you might even want to fry some sausages. A short 15 min walk will take you back to MS LEILA for the return trip to Kemi. Few places in Sea Lapland will give you a more complete picture of the region’s essence, the combination of nature and cultural history. Laitakari still is the beating heart of Sea Lapland – a place not to miss.

14.6.-11.8. Fri-Sun at 13.00-16.00 or at 15.00-18.00
14.6.-11.8. Mon-Thu, on request
12.8.-15.9. Mon-Sun, on request


3h (2h on island)
or 5h (4h on island)


2019 June 14 -
2019 September 15


73 Eur / person

Minimum 2 persons

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Weekly program - Dec 2019 - Apr 2020

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