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Arctic day at the sea

at 12.00 – 17.30, 13.00 - 17.30 or 08.00-12.30

According to the cruising time schedule

Snowmobile safari takes you through the beautiful frozen sea towards the Icebreaker Sampo that is anchored in the middle of the frozen sea. We will get onboard and the crew will tell us about how the ship functions from the captain’s conning to the engine room. We’ll witness how the ice that can be up to one meter thick, breaks on the sides of the ship. We will also try winter swimming safely wearing special warm dry suites, and have a meal in the cosy restaurant of Sampo. After the cruise we will continue the snowmobile safari back to Kemi.

Cruise option 1

( No meals )


415 €

500 €

Cruise option 2

( Including meals )


481 €

566 €

Minimum 2 people or more

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