After putting on warm clothes you will head by car to the reindeer farm. You will be given safety instructions for the snowmobile safari and then you head to the frozen sea, after the 1 hour safari you end the safari next to the reindeer farm where You can feed the reindeers and can ask questions from the reindeer herders. After instructions you will get a drive in sledge behind reindeer and get a reindeer driving licence. You will get fun experience in the reindeer sledge about 400m trail. During the visit you will be told stories about reindeer life and served coffee and hot juice with some sweet bun in the cosy kota. After the visit you will get car transfer back to town. The length of the journey is about 20 km.


210 €

155 €

Minimum 2 people or more

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Weekly program - Dec 2019 - Apr 2020

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